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I’m a professional graphic
and web designer based in Aversa, Italy!

Hello there,
my name is Nicla Marino, graphic and web designer currently based in Aversa (CE), Italy in the world. I’ve first approached to graphic design at 12 years old and never stopped since than. In 2008 I’ve started working in a Photographer studio for Photoediting and I’ve been working there for 6 years.

In parallel to my work, I continued to cultivate a passion for web design, creating blogs and websites. My style is really versatile and easily adaptable to any need, constantly evolving and improving. I am a serious person, respecting deadlines, who works well and fast, I'm constantly looking for interesting and creative ideas,

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places. Crazy cat lady, book worm and food lover.

That's me! Let's get in touch!

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Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs

Frank Chimero